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Why does I have this urge to make art ?

Some thoughts about my longings.

I have always believed that there is something,someone,someway I can feel there is much more! 

I have experienced several paranormal happenings when I was young.But then adultery took me,I wanted to be normal,have a family.And for years my sensitive me disappeared little by little. In fact my Physiological body encyst itself ,and I could not sense normal feelings anymore..but I didn't notice. What I did notice little by little was an ache,a severe in the whole of my right side of my body. It was so ill,that I understood I had to do something.For years now,I have worked with my body,to wake it up again,pill of the layers with denial.To open up for the sensitive me. Parallel to this work with my body,I also had this urge and understanding,that I had to listen to my soul and start to paint,start to let out what the universe want from me,my vocation.

Self portrait, a photo of a "painting" of acrylic and charcoal pencil,and then worked with in an mobil app.

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